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Exceeeding Your Expectations

"Your Home Your Way"

With over 25 years of experience, Cresmark brings together the most dynamic team of professionals to design and build your home, from architects, engineers, surveyors, and planners to interior designers and talented craftsmen. We understand that having the right team guarantees a successful and enjoyable building experience for everyone involved.

Our working relationships are founded on quality, integrity, and trust

At Cresmark, we are committed to delivering superior customer service and exceptional value to our clients.

It is our passion for design and building, and our commitment to uncompromised craftsmanship, attention to detail, and understated elegance that defines our luxury homes and renovations. We know that buying or building a new home is one of the biggest financial investments you and your family will make.

That’s why it’s imperative that you use a builder that can help deliver a great design and quality built home, ensuring your investment will increase in value, and providing for your family’s enjoyment and appreciation for years to come.

We understand the emotional and financial stress building or renovating your home can have so our construction management services are designed to make the building process as easy and stress free as possible for you and your family. Our experience in construction management enables us to deliver your home or renovation project to you on time and budget giving you peace of mind.

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With over 25 years of experience, Cresmark
brings together the most dynamic team of
professionals to Design & Build...

"Your Home Your Way."
Cresmark Building a New Luxury Home
Stone Façade Contemporary Home

Getting Started & Pre-Construction Phase

Ideally we would like to get involved early in the process so we can help you with the selection of the building site, architect and designers which are critical to ensuring a project is designed properly and meets your expectations. Our experience in construction management at this stage can help you save time & money in developing the site, concept drawings and preliminary budgets for the project.

During the pre-construction phase of your project, we attend design meetings and work with the clients, architect, designers and engineers to create concept drawings, a realistic preliminary budget and a comprehensive schedule for all activities from design through to construction. Our goal is to create an environment of open and clear communication through ever stages of your project. Once we have finalized concept drawings and budgets we can than move on to the next stage which is to finalize your working drawings and apply for building permits with the city.

Once we have finalized your drawings we will than proceed to tender out your project with our qualified and experienced contractors based on your specific scope of work, budget and schedule of finishes. Our longevity in the industry has made it possible for us to assemble a team of the most experienced contractors and suppliers that provide us with exceptional quality, service and pricing which is delivered onto our clients.

Finishing Off a New Build
Cresmark Luxury Home

Construction & Finishing Your Home

The construction phase is when the fun begins and you start to see your dream home come to life. We will walk you through every phase of the construction process and make sure that you have enough lead time to select and order your finishes so that we do not run into any delays in the process.

Constant communication is key at the construction phase to ensure that all the required features of your new home are incorporated into the project.  Throughout the building process we stay in constant communication with our clients so that they are always aware of the progression of their homes.

There are more than 50 different contractors necessary to build a new home and it’s our job to coordinate them all to work together. Our experienced onsite staff and project managers will be attending to your home every day to ensure that everything is running smoothly and everyone is working together as a team to build your home.

Do you want to build a custom home but don’t know where to start?

We can help you Find, Design and Build Your Dream Home Your Way!

Unless you already have a piece of property to build on ..finding a piece of property can be the most challenging part of the custom home building process. As you can imagine with the sky high property values and bidding wars that exist today finding a property that suits all your needs can be difficult.

Cresmark will work with you to find properties within your budget and neighbourhoods that fit your wish list. As Custom Home Builders we have access to many properties not listed on the market but also work with a number of local real estate agents so we have access to homes even before they hit the market. By working with Cresmark we can access the feasibility of the property for you to determine if there are any issues that will affect the construction of your Custom Home or Renovation before you buy. We will determine if the property is competitively priced and if it will fit into your overall budget for the project. No sense buying a piece of property and then you cannot afford to build your dream home on it or to try to renovate the existing home when it makes more sense to tear it down and build new?

We will determine the building envelope and the maximum size permitted for your new home based on the zoning requirements of the property.

If you decide you require a larger home than what is allowed on the property or the house design does not comply with the zoning for some reason than we may be required to apply for a Minor Variance with the city. This process is a bit more costly and can take up to 6 months to get approvals so it’s important to weigh the pros and cons! Again this is something that Cresmark will determine and take care of for you if required.

Once we finalize everything in regards to compliance with the zoning we can go ahead and finalize the Construction Drawings, Engineering and Interior Designs. Once drawings and engineering are complete Cresmark can apply for building permits and accurately Budget and Build your New home for you.

As you can imagine the entire design and build process takes time. It usually takes a year or more from start to finish so it’s important that you work with people you trust and that give you good advice and peace of mind that you are making the right decisions for your family.

We want you to Enjoy the process and your new home !


Cresmark Will Design and Build Your Home Your Way!

Cresmark Luxury Home


Elegant Bathroom Remodel with Dual Sinks
Spacious Living Area
Winding Staircase & Front Foyer
Media Room in Basement
Clean, Modern Kitchen
Beautiful Coffered Ceilings